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"From time to time, I see a victim, who, by no fault of his or her own, is placed in a desperate situation with no place to turn; the Foundation responds to that victim."
- Jennifer Granholm, Governor

Finding a Victim Advocate for Help
To contact a Victim Advocate or to report a crime, click on the following links for a list by county.

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Counties D - J
Counties K- N

Counties O - W

Financial Assistance Offered by the State of Michigan
Upon passage of P.A. 223 of 1976 the state of Michigan became the 17th state to offer crime victims' compensation. Michigan's Crime Victim Compensation Program, which is overseen by the Michigan Department of Community Health, was established to provide limited financial assistance to innocent persons who receive bodily injury from the commission of a crime in Michigan and who incur un-reimbursable financial losses as a result of the injury.

Money for crime victim compensation benefits is received from convicted criminal defendants who pay crime victim assessments ordered by Michigan courts. The program also receives federal VOCA funds from criminal fines ordered in federal courts.

Applications for crime victim compensation are available from, from the Commission''s office, from your county prosecutor, and from many victim service organizations and providers throughout the state. To find out more about the Department of Health, please visit the Michigan Crime Victim Compensation Program.

Additional Assistance
For additional help, please visit our Resources.

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