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Grant Recipient Stories


The following are stories from recipients of grants from The Crime Victim Foundation. All names have been changed to protect victims' privacy.

Family Reunion
"Martha" had been a victim of domestic violence throughout her marriage. After leaving her husband, he abducted her children and fled to Mexico. Martha was referred to the Crime Victim Foundation by the FBI and the local Victim Witness Unit requesting a grant for an airline ticket to send Martha to Mexico to retrieve her child. The foundation immediately contacted Northwest Airlines who, in cooperation with Continental Airlines, donated 2 round-trip tickets, one for Martha and the second for an FBI Victim Witness Coordinator/Nurse to accompany her, as well as a ticket for her son to return home. The two remaining children abducted by their father had already been reunited with their mother who lived in Texas and was able to drive over the boarder to pick them up. Mother and son arrived back home just two days before Christmas.

A New Start
"Christina," a young pre-teen girl, was the victim of Criminal Sexual Conduct perpetrated upon her by her mother's live-in boyfriend. Christina's mother left her boyfriend as soon as she discovered what he'd done to Christina. Christina's mother, Kim, had been living with him at a hotel which was owned by his family. Kim had been working in the capacity of manager of the hotel. When she left her boyfriend, she was immediately out of a home as well as a job. The Crime Victim Foundation provided Kim and Christina emergency lodging until they could get to Nevada where Kim had family who could assist them.

A Helping Hand
"Kimberly," a young mother of two, applied for assistance after her newly-estranged husband attempted to murder both her and their young children. At the time of the incident, Kimberly's husband was the sole source of income for the family. Because she had been a full-time homemaker and mother, Kimberly's ability to find immediate substantial employment was diminished. Her finances were stretched to the breaking point and, with the sky-rocketing cost of heating, she was unable to afford fuel to heat her home. Kimberly was fearful that her children would be taken away from her if she could not find the resources to heat her home. The foundation awarded a grant to fill Kimberly's propane tank enabling her to get through the remaining cold winter months without being fearful of losing her children.

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