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"Dedicated to providing timely assistance to those who have been victimized by crime and have nowhere else to turn, the Crime Victim Foundation is a very deserving charitable organization that continues to be a resource for those in need."
- John Engler, Governor

Foundation History & Mission
The Crime Victim Foundation was established in 1992 to provide a last resort safety net to assist victims of crime in Michigan. While Michigan victims enjoy the nation's most comprehensive constitutionally guaranteed rights, the foundation discovered that some victims were facing critical, life altering financial needs for which no resource was available. The mission of The Crime Victim Foundation is to help victims meet those needs after all other methods of assistance have been exhausted.


Grant Information
To ensure that the most critical needs are met, all grant requests must be approved and submitted by the victim advocate in the local county prosecutor's office once they have determined that all other avenues of financial assistance have been exhausted.

This assistance is intended as a one-time grant and must act to prevent, not simply delay an inevitable loss. In order to allow the foundation to continue its mission to assist others, the recipients of a grant from The Crime Victim Foundation are asked to reimburse the foundation if they receive a related civil judgment, insurance, or restitution award in the future.

Foundation Operations
The foundation is operated by volunteers and is funded entirely by charitable contributions. One hundred percent of foundation funds are used to serve victims and the cause of victims' rights. The Crime Victim Foundation was founded by State Senator William Van Regenmorter, author of Michigan's Crime Victims' Rights Act and Constitutional Amendment.

Advisory Board
Below is a list of the members of The Crime Victim Foundation's Advisory Board.

  • The Honorable Maura Corrigan
    Supreme Court Justice
    Michigan Supreme Court

  • Levada Austin-Giesey
    National Past-President
    Parents of Murdered Children Parents of Murdered Children

  • Anita Droog
    Silent Observer of Kent County Board Member
    Kent CountyVictim/Witness Director
  • Terrence Jungel
    Executive Director
    Michigan Sheriffs Association

  • Tom Hendrickson
    Executive Director
    Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police

  • Tom Robertson
    Executive Secretary
    Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council

Contact Information
For additional information about The Crime Victim Foundation or if you would like to make a contribution, please write to the address below or contact us.

The Crime Victim Foundation
P.O. Box 441
Jenison, MI 49429
Contact Us

In Memory and Honor
Senator William Van Regenmorter
January 29, 1939 - June 18, 2012
Willian Van Regenmorter

"The Michigan Crime Victim Foundation was established to take care of victims who fell through all the cracks, who needed some desperation help, last resort, in order to keep going. We've helped a lot of people and it's a most rewarding thing."

- Senator William Van Regenmorter, Ronald Wilson Reagan Public Policy Award Video

View the Ronald Wilson Reagan Public Policy Award Video
The view the full video, click on the link below. On the following page:

  1. Under Award Category, select "Ronald Wilson Reagan Public Policy Award."
  2. Under Award Year, select "2009."
  3. Click on Senator Van Regenmorter's picture.

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U.S. Department of Justice Oral History Project on Victims Rights
The following is transcript from the interview with Senator Van Regenmorter as part of the U.S. Department of Justice's Oral History Project on Victim Rights.

Read Transcript



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